Dermal Fillers | Addis Ababa

Zinnia Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Clinic in Addis Ababa offers the latest products and procedures in dermal fillers for a more beautiful and younger looking face. Our wide array of injectable dermal fillers include new Belotero, and Juvéderm Vollure, Volbella, Voluma, Ultra, and Ultra Plus. Our skillful physician and nurse injectors can expertly eliminate wrinkles & lines, plump up shallow facial contours, soften facial folds and creases, and give you gorgeous full lips!

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin, where it holds in moisture that keeps skin feeling firm, looking youthful, and bouncing back when touched. As women and men age the skin produces less hyaluronic acid, in addition to losing subcutaneous fat. So the facial skin’s elasticity decreases, it loses its “plumped-up” appearance, and lines, wrinkles and creases develop.

Juvéderm & Belotero dermal fillers works by restoring hyaluronic acid to the skin. This helps the skin retain moisture and natural plumpness and volume in the cheeks, lips and other areas of the face – reducing the appearance of wrinkles, lines, folds and creases.

Our wide array of safe, affordable dermal fillers can “turn back time” and reverse these troublesome signs of aging, including: wrinkles, sagging skin, crow’s feet, hollow eye sockets, flat cheeks, “marionette lines” & vertical “smokers lines” around the mouth, thin lips, and other signs of aging. And, newer facial filler formulas like Juvéderm Voluma can last up to an amazing two years!

Schedule an appointment for dermal fillers at Zinnia Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Clinic in Addis Ababa and restore youthful tone and smoothness to your skin – for a younger, more beautiful you!